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Missionary Questionnaire


If you have reached this page it is because you are a missionary who is interested in presenting your passion for foreign missions at our church. We are honored that you are interested in partnering with our efforts to reach the world with the gospel of Christ. We are excited to begin the process of helping in your endeavor to begin ministering where God has called you. Our church has been involved with national and international missions for over 30 years. We count it a great privilege that God has bless our ministry with. Please fill out the following form and our office with contact you.  Thank you and God bless you.

Personal Information

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Where has God called you to minister to?

Sending Information

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Pastor's Name:

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Educational History

Please describe your educational background and training.

Ministry Experience

How many years have you been in christian ministry?

Are you currently serving on the field?

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Approximately how many people do you witness to every month?

Please explain any vocational experience you have that will help you on the field.

Financial Information

How much monthly financial support do you need to minister in the country your called to?

What percentage of your needed support do you currently have?

How many churches currently support you?

How long have you been on deputation?

Your Relationship With FBBC

Please Explain how you heard about FBBC and our missions program.

Have you submitted any information to our office?

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If yes, what have you submitted?

If yes, how have you submitted it?

Have you read our doctrinal statement on this website?

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If yes, Do you agree with our doctrinal statement?

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Please explain any areas of our doctrinal statement that you may disagree with.

What are the dates that you are expected to be in our area?